Sunday, September 21, 2008

Those American Made Thresholds

Those American Made Thresholds

I mentioned last month that I had bought some rubber garage door thresholds from Harbor Freight to keep the rain out, and I was utterly shocked to discover that they were made in the USA. At that point, they looked like they would probably do the job, but without a real gully-washer, it was hard to say.

Well, we had the gully-washer over the weekend. Ordinarily after a rainstorm like that, we would have water under both doors--enough that it would take several hours to dry out. This time? We had just a little bit of water near the side of the south door--enough that if I hadn't been looking for it, I would not have noticed it.

In retrospect, the builder's solution of cutting drains in front of both doors, which did only a little bit of good on this, really was too expensive and too ugly. We should have just put the thresholds down instead.

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