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More Curious (And Perhaps Illegal) Job Postings In Boise

More Curious (And Perhaps Illegal) Job Postings In Boise

An HP representative told Bryan Fischer said that the software engineering positions posted on the Idaho Department of Labor website--while HP was laying off software engineers--was a miscommunication, and the job has indeed been removed. But now there are other positions that are now appearing on the Idaho Department of Labor website that again are very curious. It is a bit more specialized that the "mistake", but not likely so specialized that it wouldn't fit some of those being laid off. More importantly, it was posted on September 17--and again tells you to apply to Petra Ramirez, "Immigration Consultant."

Job Description Printed for: Software/Firmware Engineer~
Idaho Job Number: ID1330203
Location: Boise
Min Salary: DOE Hours/Week:: 40
Max Salary:
Duration: FT over 150 days
Experience: 24 months Education: MD
Min Age: 0 Drivers License: n/a
Typing: 0 DL Endorsement: n/a
Shift: Days Occupational Lic: No

Job Description:
Design and develop software/firmware for new products. Design, implement and verify software programs and or firmware/hardware programs, develop the documentation to produce it in quantity and provide support, and maintain existing products. Develop and maintain current firmware test management execution protocols and test automation tools. Analyze requirements and links to test automation tools, update architecture and maintain tools to ensure functionality and performance of product testing, coordinate the implementation of defect tracking for each project, and ensure that firm metrics are generated, aligned and interfaced with metrics from other critical partners. MINIMUM JOB REQUIREMENTS: Master`s or foreign degree equivalent in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or related field plus two (2) years of experience in job offered, or as a systems engineer, software design engineer, system analyst, or related occupation. Employer will accept an unrelated M.S. degree plus an add`l one (1) year of related work experience. SPECIAL SKILLS REQUIREMENTS: C/C++; Visual Studio; Embedded Programming; NT platform; Unix platform; Web Programming (Java and JavaScript); RDBMS database; Clearcase; VSS. This is a full time position, pay depends on experience.

Even more interesting: the email address isn't Petra's HP address:

Job Number: ID1330203
Employer: Hewlett-Packard Company
Contact Name: Petra Ramirez
Address: 19483 Pruneridge Avenue, MS 4206
Phone: 4089190600
Web Site URL:
Job ref: BOISTI. Please send resume with job reference to Hewlett-Packard Company; Attn: P. Ramirez, 19483 Pruneridge Avenue, MS 4206, Cupertino, CA 95014. No phone calls. Must be legally authorized to work in the U.S. without sponsorship. EOE.
Who is is a Global Corporate Immigration law firm--and I thought the name was familiar. To quote from the U.S. Department of Labor's June 2, 2008 press release:

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Labor today announced that it has begun auditing all permanent labor certification applications filed by attorneys at Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy LLP. The department has information indicating that in at least some cases the firm improperly instructed clients who filed permanent labor certification applications to contact their attorney before hiring apparently qualified U.S. workers. The audits will determine which, if any, applications should be denied or placed into department-supervised recruitment because of improper attorney involvement in the consideration of U.S. worker applicants.

"The department's decision to further investigate these applications will help ensure the integrity of the permanent labor certification process and ultimately protect job opportunities for American workers," said Gregory F. Jacob, solicitor of labor. "The department takes seriously its responsibility to ensure that American workers have access to jobs they are qualified and willing to do and that their wages and working conditions are not adversely affected by the hiring of foreign workers."

The permanent labor certification process, established by the Immigration and Nationality Act, allows employers to sponsor aliens for permanent residence (secure a "green card") to fill positions for which no qualified, willing and available U.S. workers can be found. The department's regulations set forth detailed procedures by which an employer seeking certification must demonstrate that no qualified U.S. workers can be located.

Even if Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy LLP didn't have this problem, as I mentioned a couple of days ago, the U.S. Department of Labor has recently made very clear that job recruiting for foreign workers, either to get an H-1B or a green card for those who already have an H-1B, is supposed to go as much as possible through the normal Human Resources process--and not to an attorney or immigration consultant as the first pass. And yet that seems to be what HP is doing--directing emails to an immigration law firm that is already in trouble for its practices.

There's another job posting as well, from Applied Materials. Again, it is curious. The job is in Boise--and it is indeed a very specialized job, one for which it might be difficult to get a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. But again, the resume is supposed to go to...well, you take a look:

Job Number:



Applied Materials, Inc.

Contact Name:

Sonia Dee, Global Immigration Specialist


3050 Bowers Avenue





Web Site URL:


Send resume to and must reference job code in subject line.

Employer Documents:

Again, "Global Immigration Specialist." This seems at least to violate the spirit of the U.S. Department of Labor's policy about seeing that resumes go through the normal Human Resources process as much as possible. By the very fact that someone has a job "Global Immigration Specialist," I think it is fair to assume that such a person sees their function as assisting immigrants to get jobs--as opposed to making sure that U.S. citizens or permanent residents get first crack.

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