Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Too Young?

Never Too Young?

I confess that with the rapid decline in the age of puberty, and the fierce sexualization of children that the entertainment media promotes, it does seem that sex education needs to be aimed a bit lower in age than it used to be. But kindergarten? Sweetness & Light has the new McCain ad about Obama's major accomplishment in the education area--requiring sex education for kindergartners in Illinois schools--and a clip of Obama boasting about it last year before Planned Parenthood. You can also read the text of the bill, including the fascinating requirements and changes to the old code on this:
Section 5. The School Code is amended by changing Sections 27-9.1 and 27-9.2 as follows:
(105 ILCS 5/27-9.1) (from Ch. 122, par. 27-9.1) Sec. 27-9.1. Sex Education.
(a) No pupil shall be required to take or participate in any class or course in comprehensive sex education if the pupil’s his parent or guardian submits written objection thereto, and refusal to take or participate in such course or program shall not be reason for suspension or expulsion of such pupil. Each class or course in comprehensive sex education offered in any of grades K 6 through 12 shall include instruction on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, including the prevention, transmission and spread of HIV AIDS. Nothing in this Section prohibits instruction in sanitation, hygiene or traditional courses in biology. (b) All public elementary, junior high, and senior high school classes that teach sex education and discuss sexual activity or behavior intercourse shall emphasize that abstinence is an effective method of preventing unintended is the expected norm in that abstinence from sexual intercourse is the only protection that is 100% effective against unwanted teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) when transmitted sexually.
There is, very unfortunately, a need to discuss preventing pregnancy in sixth grade, and perhaps even fourth and fifth grade now. But kindergarten? Really? I would hope that in kindergarten, the only sex education that a child needs is, "If someone is touching you in one of your private areas, you need to tell your teacher, or a police officer."

And notice the change in the language about abstinence. Away from the notion of "expected norm" and the indisputably true statement about "100% effective."

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