Sunday, September 14, 2008



I took the Corvette in on Friday because the wear indicators on the brakes were squealing like stuck pigs. I assumed that these would be the front brakes, since front brakes usually wear out first--and I have never had the brakes done on the Corvette--63,000 miles on the factory brakes!

I was expecting about a $330 bill from the Chevy dealer (Peterson in Boise), and the bad news that the rear brakes were coming up soon. To my pleasure and surprise, the front brakes were not the problem. The rear brakes came to a few cents below $270. The front brake pads were only about 50% of the original, so I will probably get another 50,000 to 60,000 miles before I have to confront this again.

The rear tires, however, are definitely ready to be replaced. Actually, a bit beyond that. I've been putting this off, but in the next few days, I need to order up the replacement rear tires from Tire Rack. (Probably the Michelin Pilot Zero Pressure tires.) Once it starts to rain in October, it won't be just a good idea, but necessary.

I cringe at the price of the brake job, and the price of rear tires--but then again, the two combined would be about two months of payments on a new car. With a little luck, I won't have to worry about brakes again for several years, or tires for a similar period of time.

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