Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Job Search

The Job Search

This morning, the job search situation was looking pretty encouraging--enough that some job listings from Texas did not get my immediate attention. But then one employer in Seattle decided that my Java experience wasn't recent enough (and I can't argue the point). A position in Fresno turned out to require Linux kernel experience, which I don't have. A couple of Boise firms decided that they needed people with a closer match to their language requirements.

The only position that seems likely right now is in North Carolina, and my wife is fiercely hostile to me being gone for six months. I'm not keen on it either. It's at least eight hours to fly either direction, which, along with the cost, would strongly discourage seeing my family. The prospect of sitting after work in a hotel room in Raleigh for months on end sounds fiercely unattractive.

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