Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It Could Be Worse

It Could Be Worse

I visited a co-worker in the hospital today. He had a stroke at work a couple of days after being given the layoff notice. I'm sure that this was a complete coincidence--don't you agree?

His right side is largely paralyzed. He's able to speak, mostly, but he is having trouble putting the words out. I asked him questions to which he could answer yes and no, and he confirmed that he has the words in his head, but can't make his speech apparatus say them. He is in pain.

Kurt was always a cheerful, happy person when I worked with him--and in spite of the circumstances, he is still a shockingly cheerful person.

There are human costs to layoffs, things that don't show up on the stockholder balance sheets, or get discussed at wine and cheese parties.

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