Friday, September 12, 2008

It Just Gets More Delicious Every Day

It Just Gets More Delicious Every Day

Instapundit points to the futures trading on the possibility that Obama Messiah might replace Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket with Hillary Clinton. If Obama and his staff have any brains at all, they would immediately recognize this as about the only action that they could take worse than what they are doing now.

Such a move (no matter what excuse they came up with) would be obviously done in response to the astonishing power of the Palin choice to be President-in-Training. Even many of those Clinton backers who were disgruntled by Obama's refusal to pick Clinton as VP would be enraged by the gross pandering of such a substitution now. I rather suspect that Clinton would refuse such an offer now simply because she would rather see Obama and friends go down to such a whopper defeat that in 2012, the Democratic Party takes its marching orders for Clinton.

Such a replacement would also establish what is becoming obvious to all but the most hopeless idol worshippers: that Obama and his band of winged monkeys lack the judgment to run a decent burger joint, much less the United States. (Once again: those brilliant people that run the Democratic Party appear to be in danger of being outfoxed by those intellectual lightweights, those knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, those ignorant, foolish, snake-handlers known as the Republican Party.) Is anyone old enough to remember George McGovern's choice of Senator Thomas Eagleton to be VP--and then within a week, he abandoned Eagleton because Eagleton had undergone ECT for depression? Even back then, there were a lot of Republicans who thought that this ECT history wasn't so bad--but McGovern's abandonment of Eagleton showed a fundamental lack of integrity.

Now, if Obama Messiah decided to let Clinton be at the top of the ticket, and he took the VP slot, that would certainly give the Democrats some hope of beating Palin and whatshisname--but it's a bit late in the game for that, and would produce an internal fight so bad that Democrats might start looking over their shoulder at the Greens, Peace & Freedom Party, Flat Earthers, and the Let's Have A Party Party with concern.

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