Sunday, September 14, 2008

Budgets For the Post-HP Era

Budgets For the Post-HP Era

I've been working on budgets for the era after my severance pay runs out. While I would still like an engineering job (so that I can afford to get Fox News, and go on vacations), this won't be a tragedy if I can get the old house in West Boise sold. (I'm about to cut the price, yet again--so that it will be $45,000 below the 2008 assessed value.) There are some of my co-workers at HP where, unfortunately, the end of severance pay will be a tragedy, at least if they can't find a new engineering job around here.

I'm still hoping that an engineering position becomes available here in Boise--or at least in the Western U.S. But if not, I suppose that I can survive with the non-engineering jobs that are available around here.

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