Saturday, September 13, 2008

Boise Software Engineer Positions

Boise Software Engineer Positions

In light of the big layoff at HP in Boise that included at least many dozens, and perhaps hundreds of software engineers, I was quite interested to see on the Idaho Department of Labor website, this position listed:

Job Description

Job Title:

Computer Software Engineers, Systems Software

Job Number:




Min Salary:




Max Salary:


FT over 150 days


60 months



Min Age:










Occupational Lic:


Job Description:

Define, analyze and review system requirements that will be used for product definition and development. Take into account customer expectation, product roadmap and company strategy. Manage changes to firmware to correct errors in the original implementation and create extensions to existing programs to add new features or performance improvements through external resources. Review requirements, specifications and designs to assure product quality. Develop and implement plans and tests for product quality assurance. Work with technical marketing teams to understand and prioritize customer escalations and requirements. Partner with development teams to deliver requirements. Ensure software quality. Keep metrics on product release and present to upper management as necessary. MINIMUM JOB REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor`s or foreign degree equivalent in Electronic Engineering, Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related field plus five (5) years of post-baccalaureate, progressive experience in job offered, or as a system engineer, software development engineer, systems/software engineer, product engineer, integration process engineer, technical support engineer, project manager or related occupation. SPECIAL SKILLS REQUIREMENTS: C++; Linux; Microsoft Project; Microsoft PowerPoint; Microsoft Excel & Office Tool Suite

Multiple positions--and so generic that it would fit most of the software engineers that HP just laid off. So I decided to apply. It turns out that you have to login to the Idaho Dept. of Labor website and apply before you see who the employer is.
Job ref: BOISHI. Please mail resumes with reference number to Hewlett-Packard Company Attn: P. Ramirez, 19483 Pruneridge Avenue, MS 4206, Cupertino, CA 95014.
The reference number is ID1323905. The email address is

Well, that's curious. They are looking to hire people with experience quite similar to those that they have just laid off. What's with that? Especially because I can't find the position listed on the internal job list. Anyway, I went ahead and applied, and I would encourage any of you software engineers with the right experience, and who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, to do likewise. I would be very curious to know if there were some other job requirements that didn't make it into the ad.

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