Sunday, September 14, 2008

Those Boise Software Engineer Positions I Mentioned...

Those Boise Software Engineer Positions I Mentioned...

I mentioned a couple of days ago
the rather bizarre situation of HP laying off software engineers--and running ads for software engineers to work here in Boise at the same time. I have now heard back from the contact at HP in Cupertino who is responsible for reading those resumes. Her signature block on her email includes:
HP Americas Immigration Consultant/Contingent
408.447.2886 office/408.447.2824 fax
19483 Pruneridge Avenue, MS4206
Cupertino, CA 95014

HP Americas Immigration Home Page is :
I'm really confused by this. Why would an immigration consultant be needed unless they were going to bring immigrants into the country to do these software engineering jobs? I thought that the H1B visas were only allowed for circumstances where it wasn't possible to find qualified American citizens and permanent residents. I'm so confused!

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