Tuesday, September 16, 2008

There's More Hi-Tech Jobs Than You Might Expect In the Hinterlands

There Are More Hi-Tech Jobs Than You Might Expect In the Hinterlands

I was astonished to find that even in relatively remote areas such as Bend, Oregon, you look on the regional Craig's List for software jobs--and they are out there. I can remember a time when someone like myself was employable in about 50 cities nationwide--and if you found a job outside of those 50 cities, it was rather shocking, like finding a five star restaurant in a town of 300 people.

I remember about 1992, my wife and I went on vacation through Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, and my best friend was making fun of the prospects of finding cappucino and software jobs up there--so I made a point of photographing a cappucino place in Missoula, Montana. On the other point, however, he was a lot closer to being on the mark. I kidded that my wife and I would have to open a combination pet store, computer store, and gun store, to get enough income to survive. In Orofino, Idaho, we found something pretty close: a single shop with a door that advertised computer typing service, AKC Pomeranians, and guns!

Now, the real question is whether I can get any of those jobs in the middle of nowhere.

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