Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wrong Place, Wrong Action

Wrong Place, Wrong Action

I just blogged this over at the Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog, but this is too good to not share. I don't normally like the expression "think of it as evolution in action," because it is so mean, and sometimes even pretty bright people have a temporary lapse of judgment, but some people sound too stupid to live. Wrong place, wrong action, wrong bystanders.

From September 30, 2009 Jacksonville channel 4:
Police said one of two men who tried to steal a pickup truck from a group of people gathered outside a Murray Hill home was shot several times by a homeowner and his friend.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Lt. Larry Schmitt said when police arrived at the 3000 block of College Street, they found a man shot multiple times.

According to the police report, Keith Loftin was outside the home with some friends shortly after 2 a.m. when two men asked for a ride in Loftin's truck. Loftin said one of the men pulled a gun on them and forced Loftin into his truck. Loftin told officers that his friend, Barry Smith, ran into the house and returned with a gun and Loftin pulled his own gun from inside the truck.

Police said both Loftin and Smith fired at one of the men, striking him multiple times.

The man shot, identified as Jamel Mobley, 21, of St. Marys, Ga., was taken to Shands-Jacksonville Medical Center and was in stable condition. Police said the second man took off. Police were still looking for him, but they have only a vague description.

The shooting was still under investigation and no charges have been filed. Schmitt said it appeared both the citizens had the guns legally and that it appeared the shooting was in self-defense.
How unlucky can you get? You don't just try to steal a truck--you kidnap the owner--who has a gun inside--while a friend runs into the house to get another gun. Why do I think of the scene in Tremors where the giant earthworm smashes into Burt Gummer's rec room--the only example that I can immediately think of where I would envy the gun collection!

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