Thursday, September 24, 2009

Obama's Fantasy World

Obama's Fantasy World

I just saw President Obama chairing the U.N. Security Council meeting. He delivered a speech in which he explained that the goal is now universal nuclear disarmament.

In some ideal world, where every government is democratically elected, with free and open discussion of what its military is doing, and where terrorist groups with vast quantities of money don't exist, this would be just fine.

In the real world, many nations are not even close to being democratic (such as Libya and North Korea), and even those that have the forms, increasingly, lack the civil liberties required to make democracy even close to workable--like Russia. A policy of universal nuclear disarmament works to the benefit of those nations prepared to violate international law and create (or retain) nuclear weapons in secret.

A world where several reasonably responsible nations have nuclear weapons is scary. A world where one criminal nation keeps them is even scarier.

I can't decide if Obama just doesn't understand the real world, or if this is an intentional effort to destroy the United States.

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