Thursday, October 23, 2008

This May Be Closer Than The Media Are Claiming

This May Be Closer Than The Media Are Claiming

Apparently, some idiot in Obama's Pennsylvania campaign accidentally released the results of an internal poll that shows Obama only up 2 points on McCain there--far worse than the widely publicized surveys--and I'm getting this from one of the deranged hard-left blogs, Daily Kos:

Steve Corbett, a radio talk show host in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, accidentally received a copy of an internal email sent by Grant Olin who heads the Wilkes-Barre headquarters of the Obama campaign. The email went to 627 Obama campaign volunteers in the Wilkes-Barre Scranton region, saying that Obama Headquarters reported an internal poll which shows that Obama is only 2 points up in Pennsylvania.

Sean Smith, who is heading Obama’s Pennsylvania campaign, was interviewed by Steve Corbett via phone at 5:35 today to discuss this. He said that Grant "went rogue", and aknowledged that Grant was "reprimanded" for this.

I don't know what the survey size was, but a 2 point advantage is certainly within the 95% confidence interval (unless they are doing absolutely huge samples). If Pennsylvania is winnable, there's a good chance that that some of the other battleground states are still winnable.

Remember: one of the objectives of the news media is to create such disheartenment that McCain supporters don't show up to vote, or decide to vote Libertarian, or some other third party. If I had a real job, I would have been throwing money into the various independent campaign efforts right now. There's still hope for knocking Obamessiah out.

UPDATE: Investor's Business Daily says that their organization doing their daily tracking polls was the most accurate at calling the 2004 presidential election--and shows Obama 44.8%, McCain 43.7%, and undecided at 11.6%. That's winnable. That's very winnable for Sarah Palin and the old guy.

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