Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An Amazing Statement About What Happens If Obama Wins

An Amazing Statement About What Happens If Obama Wins

The statement was made at a fundraiser recently by a prominent national politician. He said that if Obama wins, there will be a major effort to test Obama with "a major international challenge." That sounds like something that those evil Republicans would say, right? No, it was Joe Biden!

Now, Biden claims that Obama has "steel in his spine" and will be up to the challenge. But it isn't going to be Obama who is going to be killed in a terrorist attack. It will be ordinary Americans, or members of our armed forces, or police officers.

Somehow, I doubt that any of the crowd that thinks Obama might be soft thinks that about McCain.

By the way, I am inclined to think that Biden is right. Obama is "full of steel" (as was another politician with similar attitudes about freedom of speech--what do you think the nomme de guerre "Stalin" means?). And that's what I am scared witless of--is that Obama will be the same thuggish politician in the White House that he has demonstrated in the primaries--prepared to call any criticism of him "racism" as a way of shutting up disagreement.

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