Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another Variant

Another Variant

I mentioned yesterday a cute parable
that I heard. Here's a variant:
The son was home from college to watch the playoffs on dad's flat panel high def 60 inch big screen tv. A break in the action an 0bamama poly ad and the discussion was on. Sonny thought his dad should be proud to pay more taxes to help the poor and homeless. Dad just shook his head and the neighbor said to sonny, "I know how you feel, I've been at your dad for years, and there is no way to change him." "But", the neighbor said, "I can help you out." "My lawn needs to be mowed raked and fertilized, I'll give you $50 if you will do it, tomorrow?"

Sonny said, "I can use the money and I'd be glad to do that for you."

Neighbor said, "Good, good, when your done I'll drive you over to the Superette where ole homeless Joe lives under the dumpster." "You can give Joe the $50 so he can eat and maybe buy a '40' or two."

Sonny said, "If that's what you think i should do, why don't you just have ole Joe do your yard work?" Sonny's dad said, "Welcome to the Republican party, Sonny!"

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