Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ignorance of History As A Goal

Ignorance of History As A Goal

The Associated Press reports about the decision to reduce the amount American history required to graduate from Moscow, Idaho High School. Now, there might be an argument that students need to learn more math and science--but the principal's argument for why they don't need to learn as much American history--wow, a liberal at work:
Moscow High School plans to scale back next year on the number of social studies credits students need in order to graduate, a proposal that has rankled parents and teachers.

The board that governs the Moscow School District is expected to vote on the changes in December.

Under the new rules, students will be required to take one year of U.S. history instead of two years. They'll also devote more time to meeting state-mandated requirements in math and science.

High school principal Bob Celebrezze stands by his recommendation and says "only 5 percent of the world's population is from the United States."
I suppose if he were running a high school in Zimbabwe, or Moscow, Russia, or Paris, I could see some merit to such a statement. But unless he hasn't been paying attention, the vast majority of his students are, in fact, citizens of the United States, and will be voting and paying taxes in the United States. For that bizarre reason, American history has more than a little relevance.

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