Saturday, October 25, 2008

Corvette As Rapid Transit

Corvette As Rapid Transit

I was planning to work into the early evening last night (the advantage of being paid by the hour!) and then leave bright and early this morning for home. But I reached a convenient breaking point, and having already worked about 50 hours, I really didn't want to start writing unit tests for yet another company's record formats.

So I jumped in the Corvette, and drove home. Aside from being a little loud from wind noise, the Corvette is a splendid car for a fast drive on a two lane highway. Aside from a couple of...biological necessity stops and a stop for a burger at Carl's in Ontario, I drove straight through. Especially with the Michelin Pilots, the ride is smooth without being floating, there's relatively little tire or road noise, and Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries makes a great accompaniment through the windy parts between Burns and Vale.

If only there was a decent paying job that involved traveling around the United States by Corvette.... Wait! Wasn't that the whole premise of the TV series Route 66?

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