Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Maybe Obama Has Gone Too Far...

Maybe Obama Has Gone Too Far...

Reporters that want to cover the victory celebration are going to be paying for the privilege:

WASHINGTON---The Obama campaign is putting a hefty price tag on the best camera and reporting positions for news organizations covering Barack Obama's outdoor election night activities in downtown Chicago. If a reporter wants access to the file center--which will be the best place to find Obama officials and spokesmen--be prepared to write a check for $935. The cheapest place a reporter could stand on a riser with a view is $880.

That $935 covers one reporter in a heated file tent, power, cable tv, internet and food. I am told by an Obama spokesman who did not want his name used that this just covers costs and they are not turning a profit on this. The planners could have built in more al a carte options for Grant Park coverage.

This is an outrageous pay to play plan that caters to national elite outlets with deep pockets.

I am not asking for a free ride--news outlets pay for plane seats, other transportation organized by the campaign, hotel rooms, plus associated costs for filing centers.

But this Election Night list is pricey and does not take into account some reporters won't need power, cable, internet or food but will crave the access more than the food. As I was talking to this unnamed spokesman about this enormously expensive set-up, he did say--that a news outlet could rotate people in and out of the tent on that one credential. Great.

Obama's friends have already played a major part in looting $850 billion from the American taxpayer, and you can be sure that they will be looting even more once he is in office. What do you suppose the chances are that Obama will ask Congress to pass a slavery reparations bill to compensate people like himself--whose ancestors were never held as slaves in America?

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