Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oh Yeah, I See The Teaching Connection Here

Oh Yeah, I See The Teaching Connection Here

I know a public school teacher here who insists that teachers unions aren't political--they are just looking out for the interests of their students. From the October 24, 2008 San Diego Union-Tribune:
Escalating the divide: a $1 million contribution by the California Teachers Association to defeat Proposition 8, the proposed constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage.
I know that many teachers do not support gay marriage--as the article points out--but I fear that as long as there are teachers' unions pulling in big money in mandatory dues (in most states) from public school teachers, the left's control of teachers' unions will continue this type of behavior.

I have some serious criticisms of libertarian atomism: the belief that each of us is an individual, with no legally enforceable obligation or duty to the society as a whole. But stuff like this, and the corruption and near destruction of capitalism by mandated subprime mortgage lending makes me increasingly sympathetic to the view that there can be middle path because collectivism and libertarian atomism. It seems that the wealthy and powerful will always twist governmental power to increase the left's control over individuals.

Those trying to rein in the California Supreme Court, and return authority to make laws to the people, are short on funds. They need your help.

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