Friday, October 31, 2008

Important Point by Orson Scott Card

Important Point by Orson Scott Card

Why, whatever misgivings you might have about McCain, he deserves your vote--at least way more than Obama:

We have been at war with radical Islam since the Iran hostage crisis during the Carter presidency. Reagan's and Clinton's spineless inaction and GHW Bush's failure to follow up the Gulf War with support for Iraqis who tried to oust Saddam encouraged our enemies to be even bolder.

But the attacks on 9/11 came when we finally had a president with the kind of resolve and courage that Washington, Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt brought to the monumental struggles they led us through.

Bush made mistakes, but he never lost resolve and he never backed down. Bush had been a governor and not much of a soldier when he took office as president; McCain will be the best-prepared president we've had since Eisenhower to lead us in a dangerous world.

Why, if you thought Bush was inept, would you install as Commander-in-Chief a man whose ignorance of world affairs and military strategy make Bush look like a genius?

I had a former neighbor tell me yesterday that she was unsure whether to vote for McCain because she was "sick of the war." Unfortunately, this isn't a choice, like whether to have pancakes or French toast. We are at a war with Islamofascism, they have not been decisively beaten (nor is it likely to happen in our lifetime), and we do not have the option of resigning from war with them. We can only fight them closer to home.

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