Monday, December 17, 2007

Not Your Ordinary Gift Catalog

One of the catalogs that we use every year around this time is a bit different. It's the World Vision Gift Catalog. No, you won't find any iPods in it, or notebook computers. But here's a sample of the kind of stuff that you can buy for someone you don't know:

Deep Well for Disease-Free Water

Dig a deep well, fit it with a hand pump, and you can provide up to 2,800 gallons of safe water a day for as many as 300 people! In many communities, clean water lies hundreds of feet below layers of hard rock. Children have no choice but to drink disease-infested water from surface lakes and ponds. When our drilling teams strike water, entire villages erupt in celebration because a clean water source can cut a community’s child mortality rate in half.
Okay, maybe you don't have $18,000 sitting around for charitable contributions, but smaller donations can add up, and there are a lot of other very worthwhile projects that you can help fund.

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