Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Does This Mean Edwards is Pro-Life?

I mean, if this sleazy story is true, of course. The National Enquirer is among the few newspapers below the New York Times when it comes to credibility with me, and as this article points out, the National Enquirer is owned by a major Clinton backer...but that's probably just a coincidence, of course!

Anyway, if Edwards eventually comes clean and admits that he impregnated one of his campaign staffers while courageous Mrs. Edwards has been recovering from cancer, I am sure that his staff will spin this as, "See, John Edwards may believe in a woman's right to choose, but he is personally opposed to abortion!" Or perhaps he is waiting to put the hammer down so that he can demonstrate his commitment to a woman's right to choose, right up to birth!

I realize that expecting moral perfection (or even moral adequacy) from elected officials is unrealistic, but it is reasonable to expect enough judgment and good sense to do the following:

1. Stay faithful to your wife at least until after the campaign.

2. Learn the use of condoms.

3. Do not have sex with interns in the Oval Office.

4. Keep your feet and hands entirely within the bathroom stall.

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