Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I Hope You Are With Your Family Today

I was writing my monthly Shotgun News article and I ran into this very tragic quote from an article about the Omaha shooter. I don't pretend that his problems were only caused by his parents' divorce, but the rest of the article implies that many of this kid's problems were at least correlated with it--and it makes you wonder if this particular kid would have spun so far out of control if Mom and Dad had managed to patch up their differences, and stayed together. From the December 9, 2007 Omaha World-Herald:
Another former Cooper Village employee who counseled Robert remembers him as a shy guy who kept largely to himself.

Robert was sad that his parents weren't more involved with him, said the former staffer, who didn't want his name used because he still works with troubled youths.

"That's the thing that stood out," he said. "He always wanted to be with his parents."

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