Monday, December 10, 2007

Exactly What I Wanted To Hear

From the hero of Colorado Springs. From channel 7 in Denver:
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Jeanne Assam appeared before the news media for the first time Monday and said she "did not think for a minute to run away" when a gunman entered the New Life Church in Colorado Springs and started shooting.

There was applause as Assam spoke to reporters and TV cameras saying, "God guided me and protected me."
UPDATE: And she's single, too! From ABC News:
Dressed in blue jeans and boots, the petite Assam (pronounced AH-som) was greeted with applause at the news conference. When asked about her marital status, Assam said she was single - and then cracked a smile.

"I am not married yet. I will someday. God's going to find me the perfect man," she said.
Got that? Pronounced "AH-som"--the rest of us will settle for just calling her Awesome!

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