Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Golden Compass Can't Find An Audience

The Golden Compass Can't Find An Audience

I mentioned several days ago
concerns that while the movie may have watered down the atheism and anti-Catholicism of the novels on which The Golden Compass is based, there's a lot of reason why Christians might want to avoid putting any money into the pockets of the movie makers.

What do you know?
SATURDAY NIGHT: There was no Saturday miracle surge for New Line. The Golden Compass, an effects-laden family film starring Nicole Kidman with a reported budget of $200M, received a modest 16% increase from its opening day, posting an estimated $10.2M on Saturday. Assuming a Sunday drop of 33%, Compass will finish its opening weekend with a disastrous $25.84M. (For a comparison to other big-budget, family-oriented films in this mold, along with details about New Line's dismal 2007 and Nicole Kidman's box office cold streak, scroll down to my Friday Night report.)
I rather suspect that the producers were thinking, "Heck, those Christians probably can't even read! How will they know that the novels were insulting their beliefs?" Or perhaps they figured that vast swarm of atheists with small children would fill the seats instead.

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