Tuesday, December 4, 2007

And What Date Did They Leave Off?

Spokane schools sent out a newsletter with "important dates" for December. They included Human Rights Day. They included winter break. They included the first day of winter. They included all the important religious holidays as well, like Kwanzaa (made up in the 1960s by a man convicted of torture), and Hanukkah, and "the Islamic holy day Eid al-Adha...." Did they leave anything other important dates out? Hmmmm. December 25? No, that's not important.

From the November 30, 2007 Boston Herald:
"It was absolutely an error of omission," district spokeswoman Terren Roloff said. "In our efforts to be inclusive, we missed the obvious."

The omission drew complaints from some parents that Christians are being overlooked in favor of other cultures and beliefs.

Greater Spokane Association of Evangelicals Executive Director John Tusant said the error surprised him.

"The stores have been decorated for the last month. How do you overlook that?" Tusant asked.
Who are they kidding? This was no oversight. It was an intentional reminder that some religions matter in America (and thus were included on the "important days" list)--and Christianity isn't one of them.

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