Sunday, May 16, 2010

Windshield Wonder Really Works

Windshield Wonder Really Works

You've probably seen the TV ads for something called the Windshield Wonder that has a little pivoting head to make it easier to get to the narrow little space at the bottom of the windshield.  My wife bought one--and this really does work very well indeed!   Not only useful for getting into that narrow little spot at the bottom of the windshield, but also useful for the Jaguar X-Type's back window, which is a little clumsy to get to with your hands.

It's made out of cheap plastic, but then again, it was only $10.  The only real deficiency was that the screw that holds the hand together for the extension pole was loose, so I had to tighten that up.  But the "microfiber" cloth really does a nice job of cleaning the glass with just tap water--as long as you don't get the cloth beyond damp.

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