Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Idaho Election Results

Raul Labrador won the Republican nomination for U.S. House seat 1.  This is good news--but it is still an uphill struggle.  The incumbent, Walt Minnick (DINO-ID), is personally very wealthy (he is a Democrat, after all) and had lots of funding from Portland and Seattle ecocrazies the last time around.  We're going to have to work to get Labrador elected.

I expected this would be the case, but Marla Lawson failed to unseat State Senator Tim Corder in my district.  She did well, however: 41.7% of the vote, which is five points better than I managed against Corder in 2008.  Perhaps because she has lived here a long time, perhaps because there is actually something of a Republican Party organization in this county now (although they seem to prefer not to have anything to do with me), perhaps because the country is moving to the right again.  Realistically, I think the only way that a liberal Republican like Corder can be defeated in the primary would be by an LDS, Elmore County resident.

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  1. Yes, this is good news about Raul. Things are looking good in November & afterwards in 2012. However, like other Americans, I'm not pleased with the Republicans.

    Both parties just use us (the voters) for their own agenda. We really do have a poor choice of candidates.