Friday, May 21, 2010

Redfield Rides Again

Redfield, as a U.S. riflescope manufacturer, went away in 1998.  But Leupold, the premiere U.S. riflescope maker, bought the name and the rights--and is now making Redfield riflescopes in Beaverton, Oregon, as sort of a feature-reduced, mass market version of the Leupold scopes--and at very reasonable prices, cheap enough to compete with the Chinese optics, and certainly better made.  This is very attractive.  Leupold has a spectacular reputation for the optical quality and mechanical durability of its products (which is why you find a lot of their high end stuff in use by the U.S. military).

When I was a gun dealer, I once sold a very high end combo--a Browning A-Bolt Stainless Stalker rifle with a Leupold scope on it.   The scope wasn't much less expensive than the rifle--and both the rifle and the scope were exquisite works of art.  There may be a Redfield like this in my future.


  1. Well, it must be a popular scope, as well, as Cheaper than Dirt is already out of stock, though others are apparently have them in stock. The prices are very reasonable, I must say.

  2. The ones I've seen are worthy of serious consideration for hunting uses. I'm considering a 2X7 for a brush-rifle and that same 4X12 for a longer range scope. I'm so very pleased that Redfield is back in business and that the American sportsman has a good American made alternative to the imports.