Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Smell Victory in Hawaii

I Smell Victory in Hawaii

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the Democrats may lose a House seat in a special election to Republican Charles Djou.  This May 7, 2010 Washington Post article confirms that Djou is looking like the likely winner:

HONOLULU -- Across the country, Democrats are on the defense, laboring to put out political fires sparked by angry voters and emboldened Republicans. Even Hawaii, the bluest of blue states, where a Democratic machine has controlled politics for the five decades since statehood, has become a dangerous hot spot for the party in power.

But here's the catch: The Democrats started this fire themselves.

Democrats here might lose a House seat in a special election this month because of a feud between two candidates that has inflamed tensions within Hawaii's ethnic voting blocs and between the state's Democratic establishment and the party's national leaders.
Two Democrats, one backed by the national party, one by local Democrats, are likely to split the non-Republican vote, giving Djou the plurality required.  What a tragedy this will be. :-)

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