Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Boise County Clerk Race

Ordinarily, I tend not to worry too much about a job like County Clerk.  Ordinarily, this isn't a job where there are challengers.  But this time around, there's a positive death match under way!  This May 22, 2010 Idaho Statesman article describes it well:

Two of the three Republicans candidates for the four-year job, which pays $44,200 a year, know each other well.

Incumbent Boise County Clerk Constance "Conni" Swearingen is the former boss of Michelle Armfield, who worked in the clerk's office for six years until she was fired in January.

"I terminated her for cause," Swearingen said.

Armfield says she was wrongfully terminated, and she's filed a lawsuit against Swearingen and Boise County. But she's also running for Swearingen's position.

I really don't know who is right in the Armfield vs. Swearingen battle, but it was smart politics of Mary Prisco to put a copy of Armfield's complaint on her campaign webpage. Prisco certainly has the educational and private sector experience qualifications for the position.

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