Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If They Found Something, Why Aren't They Blowing the Whistle?

I've mentioned before that I find Obama and the DNC's willingness to spend money rather than reveal Obama's long form birth certificate really curious--more curious than the fairly weird and weak evidence that has been presented. 

One of the claims made by "birthers" is that Obama received financial aid as a foreign student--and I would not be at all surprised if checking this claim is the reason that nine people might have illegally accessed his student loan records.  From the May 25, 2010 Iowa Independent:
Nine former workers at a Department of Education contractor in Coralville who allegedly tried to access the student loan records of President Barack Obama pleaded not guilty in a federal court Monday, the Associated Press reports.

The indictments were handed up in U.S. District Court in Davenport. Authorities say that between July 26, 2007, and March 13, 2009, the defendants accessed the records while employed at Vangent Inc., which contracts to handle incoming calls for a variety of agencies, including calls on federal student aid for the U.S. Department of Education and calls regarding Medicare and Medicaid for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
If these nine people actually accessed Obama's student loan records, I would think that this was probably the reason--to see if there was any truth to such claims.  (Can you imagine anything more boring to look at than somewhat's student loan records?)  However: if there was anything in those records that suggested that Obama received student aid as a foreign student, I would expect at least one of the accused to have gone public with it by now.  Why would you get yourself fired, and get yourself in a pile of legal trouble, if you had what would have to be the single most devastating piece of news in American history, and didn't use it?


  1. My personal surmise on the whole birth certificate flap is that Obama was born in Honolulu, but that there is something embarassing on the full original record. Perhaps his birth name was not Barack, he changed it later, or he may be been adopted by his Indonesian stepdad.
    thus, the need to suppress the full record.

  2. Maybe there is another "Deep Throat" out there. After all, Woodward and Bernstien shielded Mark Felt for decades. I think Haldeman or Ehrlichman even guessed who he was. How much sleep would we lose over Joseph Biden ascending, though?

  3. Dude -- You should totally blog about the "Obama has a Connecticut Social Security Number" controversy! It's all over WND!!!11!!(3-2)![(e^iπ)+2]!

  4. The whole affair is just weird. I think it is a 'Hillary' trap, that is just accidentally working against the wacko-fringe of the right as well. There is most probably nothing of interest in those records, but he wants us to imagine there is.

  5. Connecticut Social Security number wouldn't be any great surprise for someone of his generation. I was born in Washington State, but my SSN was assigned in California. When I was little (and this was true for Obama as well), you generally only applied for an SSN if you opened a bank account or started working. Having lived a very charmed life (he is a Democrat), I can see how me might have not needed to do either until he was away at college.

  6. The story does not state that they accessed the loan records, only that they tried to do so. If the information has been securely locked down, they may not have been able to see anything to report on.
    As regards the SSN controversy, it seems the SSN was used while employed in Hawaii as a teenager but there are no biographical accounts of any travels to Connecticut during those years.