Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Most Shocking Expression of Racism I've Seen In A Long Time

RealClearPolitics has this absolutely amazing clip of liberal Bill Maher complaining that Obama isn't a a real black President--and then engages in stereotyping of black men as violent criminals.  That Bill Maher hasn't been pulled from the air by HBO shows that "racism" is just a political tool of the left; it's clearly not something that really bothers them.

UPDATE: By the way: the language is a bit raw.


  1. Liberals and the Democrat party have been avowedly racist for many years -- just read the party's platform. Maher certainly is not the first Dem to vocalize such inherent racism, but he does seem to be one of the more crude.

    As long as Black Americans keeping voting to stay on the Democrat plantation, I suspect the attitudes of Democrats such as Maher will remain distinctly racist.

  2. I recently read Thomas Sowell's description of authentic black culture in America as having it's roots in southern white hillbilly culture.

    Thinking along that line, why would a liberal have a problem with a cowboy president like Bush? If anything cultural imagines of cowboys are more masculine and chivalrous than moonshine running hillbillies.