Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Ward-Labrador Race: Dead Heat

From the May 22, 2010 Spokane Spokesman-Review:
The Idaho Statesman and KBOI TV Channel 2 have commissioned a statewide poll by Mason-Dixon Polling and Research, a national polling company based in Washington, D.C., in advance of Tuesday’s primary election, and the results are darn interesting. In the 1st District congressional race, among likely voters in Idaho’s Republican primary in the district, the poll found 31 percent favoring Vaughn Ward, 28 percent for Raul Labrador, 37 percent undecided and 4 percent for Harley Brown. That’s a statistical dead heat - the difference between Ward and Labrador falls within the poll’s margin of error. You can read the Statesman’s full coverage of the poll here.
For reasons that I explained here, I think Labrador would be a more effective Congresscritter than Ward, and so far, Ward's campaign comedy of errors suggests that Labrador is going to be more effective running against Walt Minnick (DINO-ID).  If Ward gets the nomination, I'll get a Ward yard sign, and perhaps even contribute some money to the campaign.  But I think Labrador is going to be more effective.

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