Friday, August 8, 2008



Okay, this (and "this" remains double secret) is beginning to look good. I've got a mechanical engineer working on some designs; I have a patent attorney who wants to do the patent work in exchange for equity; I have enough data that I have confidence that this will work and be economically viable. What I need:

1. An attorney with experience setting up startups. There's enough people involved, and there's enough work that some of them will be doing, that it seems appropriate to organize this as a corporation, so that everyone's hard work is protected by some sort of legally enforceable equity ownership.

2. Investors who meet the SEC legal requirements to invest in something like this. As I have mentioned in the past, the SEC "protects" little people by requiring that certain investments can only be done by "accredited investors"--which essentially means those who are millionaires, or who will be shortly.

If you are in one of these two categories, contact me. Once the Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed, I can tell you about the product, the intellectual property behind it, and how we can make some money. This isn't going to be a billion dollar company--but it might be $50 million company in a few years--and it will definitely stop putting money into the hands of people with their turbans wound too tight.

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