Friday, August 29, 2008

Doing A Major Revision of My Web Page

Doing A Major Revision of My Web Page

I'm thinking that I might try to market myself as a webpage person, since this is one of the jobs that can always be done remotely (unless you are behind a secure firewall, of course). I've already done a significant redo of the ScopeRoller web page to use style sheets, so now it's time to do the same for my primary web page.

I did my original webpage back in 1994, and while it wasn't cutting edge at the time--I was mostly teaching myself how to hand code HTML--it is definitely embarrassingly old-fashioned now. There's also way too much stuff stored at the base level of public_html for me to keep it well organized, so I am working on that as well.

It won't change entirely overnight (although much of the appearance will be obviously improved by tomorrow), but bit by bit, it will start to look like something that was done in this decade, not the last.

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