Monday, August 4, 2008

News That You Aren't Seeing

News That You Aren't Seeing

Because it's a reminder that you don't have to invade Iraq to be subject to terrorist attacks by Muslims. From the July 30, 2008 Canadian Broadcasting Company:
Police in a western Indian city defused an explosive device Wednesday, the 19th unexploded bomb found there in past two days.
The latest discovery came Wednesday morning in one of the markets in the port city of Surat, local police commissioner R.M.S. Brar said. Eighteen explosives were found a day earlier.
Police have warned people to avoid gathering in public places, leaving Surat a virtual ghost town as residents stayed at home and businesses closed, Brar said.
Twenty-two blasts ripped through the nearby city of Ahmadabad over the weekend, killing 42 people and wounding 183. Seven small blasts also hit Bangalore in the south, killing one person.
A little-known Islamic militant group calling itself the Indian Mujahideen took credit for Saturday's attack in Ahmadabad, though authorities believe the claim may be aimed at covering the tracks of a better-known group.
On Tuesday, authorities launched a massive manhunt in the Mumbai suburb of Navi Mumbai where investigators believe the bomb plots were hatched.
Authorities say four cars — two used in the Ahmadabad attack and two found in Surat — were stolen earlier in the month from that suburb, and believe the nondescript area was used as headquarters by the bombers to try to avoid detection.
Also, authorities are checking the computer of a 48-year-old American citizen living in Mumbai after an e-mail claiming responsibility for an attack was sent from it.
Police say the man is not a suspect and they believe unknown attackers accessed his wireless internet connection.
From the July 29, 2008 Hindustan Times:
The diamond city of Surat came under the terror radar with nine live bombs being on Tuesday found from residential areas as Gujarat police detained three men for questioning in connection with the serial blasts.
All the bombs were recovered from different parts of Varacha area, housing most of Surat's diamond processing units, in a span of four hours, putting severe pressure on the city's bomb disposal squad.
Panic gripped the city as the explosive devices were found from residential localities and the diamond workshop areas which the terrorists apparently wanted to target. They were all defused by the bomb disposal squad. "Till now, nine bombs have been found," Surat Police Commissioner R M S Brar told PTI.
Police said three bombs were deactivated in the Mini Diamond Market area, three in Labeshwar, Santoshinagar and Matavadi localities and three under the Varacha-Kapodra flyover. The contents of the neutralised explosive devices have been sent for forensic analysis.
In Matavadi, a bomb was found handing from a tree while in Labeshwar it was left in an abandoned bag. In both these cases, the devices were planted near police outposts.
The three suspected -Abdul Qadir, Hasil Mohammad and Hussain Ibrahim--were detained near Limbi on Rajkot-Ahmedabad highway in Surendranagar district while they were leaving Ahmedabad soon after the blasts that took 49 lives and left over 145 injured. Their possible links with outlawed SIMI and 'Indian Mujahideen' are being investigated, police said.
Now, there are several possible reasons that the mainstream media are ignoring this.

1. India didn't invade Iraq.

2. India doesn't consist of a bunch of Western Christians, and therefore can't be held responsible for all that has gone wrong with the world.

3. They don't want to distract attention from the importance of electing Obama, the President who will solve these problems by invading our allies, and doing a group-hug with our enemies.

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