Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Finally! An Ad About The Obama/Ayers Connection

Finally! An Ad About The Obama/Ayers Connection

Paul Huebl over at Crime, Guns, and Videotape
brought to my attention this campaign ad that Obama is desperately trying to stop.

The claims that Obama isn't a natural born citizen, or is secretly a Muslim? I haven't considered these highly probable--but the connection to William Ayers isn't even arguable--and it is among the most clear-cut examples of how far out the left end of the Democratic Party (of which Obama is their Messiah) really is.

If you don't think that this issue is really important: imagine if John McCain was friends with, and had started his political career in the home of someone who had bombed black churches during the civil rights struggle--and was unapologetic about it today. We would hear nothing but that every single day from the news media--and no one would take McCain seriously as a candidate.

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