Monday, August 4, 2008

Public Indecency in San Francisco

Public Indecency in San Francisco

A few days ago
, I linked to some pictures from the "Up Our Alley" street festival in San Francisco, and asked if there was anything that qualified as public indecency there anymore. Zombietime has a series of photographs and commentary that she took there that are just horrifying, available in both a fuzzed out version and a fully explicit version.

I dare any of the Idaho liberal bloggers, or the Idaho Statesman (which is pretty much the same thing) to link to those pictures and then defend San Francisco liberalism.

What's amazing is that some of these pictures show a situation where one is at (small) risk of AIDS infection from merely walking down the street. It isn't just rain that falls from the sky there.

UPDATE: Let me emphasize that the fuzzed-out version is still NC-17; the uncensored version would not be worksafe in Hell.

UPDATE 2: I'm told that this has nothing to do with homosexuality; San Francisco is just a crazy place. Yeah, right. It's just a coincidence that San Francisco has the highest percentage of gay people, a city government dominated by gay people, and a police department that was told not to arrest naked gay men having bizarre sex in public.

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