Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Get The Lead Out!

Get The Lead Out!

Long-time readers may recall that when we first had this house built, it looked like we had a lead problem--and so we ended up with a very expensive, very cool stainless steel housing in which lead filters went. Well, it turned out that we didn't have a lead problem, and so we removed the cool stainless steel housing, sold it for a fraction of what it cost us--but we still have all these replacement filters for removing lead from water.

I don't know if any of you have the right housings, but heck, it's worth a try.

I have eight carbon filters for removing lead made by FilterCor of Texas. These are 19.5" x 2.75", designed to fit into 20" x 3" housings. (Picture is here.) These are new, in the original plastic wrapping--indeed, in the original box from FilterCor of Texas. I would be overjoyed to get $120 plus shipping for all eight, or I could let them go for $18 each, plus shipping.

I also have twelve Matrikx +Pb1 filters, which are 9.5" x 2.875", designed to fit into the ubiquitous 10" x 3" housings. (Picture is here.) I would love to get $15 per filter, or $144 for all twelve (plus shipping). I can fit six of these into a Priority Mail Flat Rate box, and whether you want one or six, it comes to $9.30 for shipping anywhere in the U.S.

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