Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Whenever I Wonder If Anyone Reads My Shotgun News Columns...

Whenever I Wonder If Anyone Reads My Shotgun News Columns...

I have days like this, where it is clear that yes, someone is reading them. The October 1, 2009 issue had an article where I explained that carrying a gun at an event where the President is present is bad public relations--and in general, carrying openly when you have some other option available to you does not help the image of gun ownership in the U.S. I explained that I understand the theory that some have that getting people used to open carry will desensitize the average American, but that as near as I can tell, it works about as well as same-sex kiss-ins. Lots of people know what homosexuals are doing in private, but would prefer not having it shoved in their faces. Ditto with guns.

I've received far more feedback by email than I normally get, generally negative. Some of it is polite disagreement; some of it not so polite. What disturbs me is how much some of the sentiments that I see are beginning to remind of the early 1970s, when radical left groups spent so much time talking to each other--and so little time talking to average Americans--that they became convinced that all it would take to overthrow the U.S. government, and institute a Marxist system, was one spark to get the flames going.

About half of Americans think Obama is doing a fine job. Even of those who disapprove, few really strongly disapprove. I think this is a sign of shocking ignorance, but I know better than to think that Americans are ready to explode in righteous anger about this corrupt and evil system. As long as football games are on, and beer gets delivered to the grocery stores, much of America doesn't care.

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