Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize?

Nobel Peace Prize?

The standards seemed to have dropped dramatically. At least Jimmy Carter brokered a peace deal between Egypt and Israel--a real accomplishment. As this opinion piece over at Fox News points out, nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize closed on February 1--so Obama's Nobel Peace Prize are based on his actions running for President and 12 days of being President of the United States during which time the most major action he took was...promising to close Gitmo in a year. And now he's doing his best to back down from that promise now.

UPDATE: The more I think about this, the more angry I get. It's yet another reminder that Obama is the Affirmative Action President. A white politician with his thin resume and nothing more than an ability to look good and speak (when he has a teleprompter) would never have won the Democratic nomination. (Think Senator John Edwards, for approximately the white equivalent.)

If Obama's speeches had actually led to an outbreak of peace somewhere, anywhere, this might make some sense. But so far, he has accomplished exactly nothing except to look good and sound good. No peace has resulted from his actions or speeches--not even a lessening of hostilities. The only progress has been in Iraq--and that progress is limited, and largely the result of corrective actions taken (almost too late) by the Bush Administration. If a white politician had accomplished as little as Obama, he would simply not have been considered a serious candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

You know what the biggest problem with affirmative action is? It is essentially a demonstration that white liberals don't think that blacks are capable of very much. It's like giving little Johnny an A on his arithmetic test even though he didn't get the right answer on 30% of the problems because you don't really think little Johnny is smart enough to get the right answers--and you want to make little Johnny feel good about himself.

Even more sad: there are plenty of blacks in this country who are perfectly capable of competing in a fair contest, and doing very well. But the racism that is at the core of white liberalism prefers not to see those successes--because then, white liberals would have to abandon their patronizing, "There, there, you did just great, little Johnny" tone of elitist condescension and superiority.

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