Friday, October 16, 2009

The Coming Ice Age

The Coming Ice Age

I mentioned several years ago
the last time the mainstream media were hyping climate change--when they were scared witless of the coming ice age--of which this 1975 Newsweek article is a fine example. Here's another amusing example, from 1977.

In Search Of... was an interesting series narrated by Leonard Nimoy. I often found myself a little uncomfortable with its willingness to listen to kooks--but this episode about the coming ice age is a reminder that not that long ago, all sorts of people who today are screeching about global warming were screeching about the need to "do something" about the coming ice age.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. When the proposed solutions are extraordinarily expensive (in money, in rights, in giving control of people's lives to others), the most prudent action is to wait for these extraordinary claims to be proved.

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