Saturday, October 10, 2009

Theft of Mail

Theft of Mail

In the more than three years that we have lived here, we have never had any mail stolen. Until now. I put out a package to ship on Monday for a ScopeRoller customer. By Friday, he's asking why the tracking number doesn't show anything. Because the post office apparently didn't grab it.

This really upsets me. While the package in question has a retail value of $175--and a replacement cost for me of about $60 plus an hour or so of my time--it will be of zero value to whoever stole it, unless they or a friend has a Syntax EQ6 telescope mount. I would have hoped that after they figured out it wasn't pawnable that they would throw in a mailbox. But no such luck.

And the astonishing thing is that stealing mail is like a 25 year prison sentence.

UPDATE: This is weird. The customer reports that the package arrived today--two days late, and without ever appearing to have made it into the Post Office's tracking system.

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