Thursday, October 29, 2009

New York Arrogance

New York Arrogance

I saw this story in the October 29, 2009 Idaho Statesman, and I still can't quite get over the arrogance of it:

BOISE, Idaho — A New York City resident plans a long-distance run as a Democrat for the Idaho U.S. Senate seat now held by Mike Crapo, a Republican.

William Bryk, who is 54, hasn't raised a nickel for the May 2010 primary.

The Spokesman-Review reported he also hasn't been to Idaho in his life, but says he was prompted to run because Crapo faced only a write-in challenger in 2004. Bryk says he didn't want to let that happen again in 2010.

Election law requires Idaho candidates to be residents of the state only by the day of the general election; Bryk says he'll move to Idaho if he wins the Democratic nomination.

How kind of him! He can find out that we don't have tails and horns before he lowers himself to being the Democratic nominee!

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