Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Kazakhs Are Astonishingly Patient People

The Kazakhs Are Astonishingly Patient People

I just saw the first six minutes of Borat, and it is perhaps the most singly offensive piece of film picking on a country that I think that I have ever seen. Now, Kazakhstan isn't like this--but I fear that more than a few people will see Borat and not know any better.

If Sacha Baron Cohen had started a film like this engaging in this sort of offensive insult to Iran, he'd be dead by now.

I notice that I am not alone in my revulsion:
I got given this DVD as a 'secret santa' present. I sat and watched it the following morning after hearing many rave reviews from my friends about this film. After the entire length of this movie I was left wondering whether I had lost my sense of humour, as I found nothing in this film that was remotely funny.

Borat was nothing more than an offensive movie, full of anti-semetism (despite the actor himself being Jewish), racism, sexism and well the list goes on. If someone had come out with the comments that were made in this film, in an interview etc that person would have been prosectued for what they had said, but because it is a film character doing this it was deemed acceptable.

Rant finished!
Maybe the rest of the movie was really funny. But the first six minutes were so offensive (and not even funny) that if I had been in a theater, I would have walked out. On TV? That's an easy choice.

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