Sunday, October 11, 2009

Australia Obviously Needs Gun Control Laws!

Australia Obviously Needs Gun Control Laws!

From the October 5, 2009 Telegraph:

GUN violence is so out of control there are three shootings a week in Sydney and neighbourhoods are living in fear.

The city's shooting capital is Fairfield, with 34 shootings and drive-bys in just two years to the end of June.

Exclusive statistics from the Bureau of Crime Statistics show there were 157 drive-by and illegal shootings between July 2008 and the end of June, up from 129 the year before.

Police investigated 29 shootings in the Blacktown local government area, 25 in Bankstown, 24 in Auburn and 20 in Liverpool. There were even 11 shootings in the heart of the city.

Opposition police spokesman Mike Gallacher said NSW was awash with handguns, which were being imported from overseas and then traded on Sydney streets.

"Criminals are getting their hands on illegally imported firearms," he said last night.

A frightening array of guns have been seized in the past month, including a .357 Magnum handgun and a .22 shortened rifle with silencer.

In one raid on September 9, police officers managed to seize five Colt M16 assault rifles, three Colt AR15 assault rifles, three 9mm assault rifles, a tactical assault rifle and seven 9mm handguns at Rosebery.

What a shocker: an island nation can't prevent smuggling of automatic weapons and handguns. And after having disarmed law-abiding Australians of semiautomatic rifles.

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