Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cult of Personality

Cult of Personality

There are some things that are so nauseating, so repulsive, so corrupting to the soul, so completely age inappropriate, that you just shouldn't expose children to them too young. Yes, you know what I mean...politics.

I think all of us expect (or at least hope) that some of our fundamental assumptions about politics will rub off on our children (at least, once they get through the brainwashing system of college), but I would never have thought of reading my children a book like this one: Mama Voted For Obama!

Is it just me, or is this like, weird? If Fred Thompson had won the Republican nomination last year, and then won the election, I would never, ever have thought of bringing small children a book to read equivalent to this. I'm not comparing Obama to Hitler because of this book. I will compare some of Obama's cult of personality followers to Hitler's followers, however.

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