Monday, September 17, 2007

Where Is Jeremiah?

The book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament recounts how Jeremiah rebukes Israel for its immorality in worshipping false gods (including child sacrifice), materialism, and oppressing the weak. I occasionally post examples of what I consider decline and fall of Western civilization. Sometimes the fact that the government is taking a positive action is itself an indication of how rapidly our society is declining into vulgarity. It is a pretty depressing sign of the times that you can read the intelligentsia defend bestiality by saying that it is just like being heterosexual. Or European political parties pursuing the legalization of incest.

Instapundit linked to this article in Marie Claire about the hot new cosmetic procedure which is so disturbing that I will not quote the article, or describe it. I can't even figure out a way to allude to it, because no rational person would even begin to imagine that anyone would think that this was necessary. It is, I am afraid, a sign of how completely hardcore pornography and specifically sodomy has taken over the definition of what makes a woman attractive.

I have flipped through more than a few of the magazines that my daughter read as a teenager, such as Marie Claire and Glamour, and I have noticed a self-refuting contrast between the articles and the ads. The articles emphasize that what matters in making a woman beautiful is what is on the inside. The ads emphasize that you need this makeup, these clothes, and by implication this body to get a man interested in you. I would like to believe the readership reads the articles, and is completely uninfluenced by the ads. But who's kidding whom?

I remember reading several years back a disturbing article about how the widespread watching of pornography, and the increasingly exposed pictures of male celebrities, were beginning to create widespread discomfort among teenaged males about their bodies--much like several generations of teenaged girls have grown up convinced that they were ugly because they didn't look like various actresses.

I weep for a country that has declined so rapidly that young women feel that the procedure described in that Marie Claire article is necessary for them to be optimally attractive. Perhaps if the feminists had spent a bit less time worrying about abortion, and a bit more time promoting the idea that women are people, not devices for men's sexual gratification, we wouldn't be in this absurd situation today.

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